We are currently in the final construction phases of our facility, working hard to finish everything and get all of our equipment fully operational. Feel free to reach out with any malt inquiries, or if you're interested in trying some of the beers that we've been R&Ding for the last few months. No opening date yet, but things are finally moving!

Subversive Malting & Brewing: A Pre-Prohibition Model Malthouse & Brewery for the Modern Age

Craft beer has a dirty secret: most of the malt, the primary non-water ingredient in beer, comes from the Midwest, Canada, or even Europe! Before Prohibition malting was a process that breweries often performed in-house using locally grown barley. Now, we've joined the growing movement that's taking craft beer's mission to the next level by decentralizing the beer supply chain and making beer a revolutionary force in our local economies.

We think that's pretty Subversive. We hope you'll join us.

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About Our Team
Two of our three partners were raised in Columbia County, and immediately envisioned it as the home for Subversive when the business concept was initially formed. Zane homebrewed his way through college, and the team decided to enter the Ithaca College Business Plan Competition in April 2015. While the Subversive boys took the win, it soon became apparent that a continuing effort to deepen our knowledge around all areas of our business would be crucial to longterm success. We have thus dedicated the last two years to defining our roles in the business, absorbing as much knowledge about the industry as possible through industry events and educational seminars, and sharpening our collective vision for what we want Subversive to be.
We are fiercely dedicated to principles of sustainability and seek to grow the local Columbia County and greater Hudson Valley economies along with our business. We strongly believe in the idea that a locally grown economy is more sustainable and resilient than an economy which relies on commodity products produced elsewhere which funnels resources away from the community. 


March 2017: We've moved into our facility! 

March 2017: We've moved into our facility! 


April 2015: Ithaca College hosted the 2nd annual Business Plan Competition and we are proud to announce that the Subversive Boys took home the grand prize for SUBVERSIVE Malting and Brewing! The prize was $20,000, a wonderful start to our company and has given us many connections helping us to launch this business. To read more about the competition, click on the links below: 



Update: We have a space right outside of Hudson NY, and are currently working on finishing the construction. We will be applying for licensing for both the malthouse and brewery as soon as all equipment is fully operational.



Dan Minogue

Graduated with a degree in philosophy, and a passion for craft beer. One of Subversive's founding fathers, Danny is the bookkeeper and logistics man behind the scenes. Carefully watching the bottom line he takes care that the ship stays afloat and on course, as subversive elements often tempt the fates. 

Max Ocean, aka M. Henry

Grew up in Ghent, NY playing and working in the fields of Hawthorne Valley Farm, and graduated with a degree in journalism. After college Ocean spent time working in beer sales, and his uniquely targeted approach to selling beer and malt in an increasingly crowded marketplace is the driver of our sales model.

Zane Coffey

Raised in the Hudson Valley, Coffey discovered his love for brewing while living in the Pacific Northwest during a year off from college between his Sophomore and Junior years. That passion never waned after he returned to college, and eventually evolved into the concept that won 1st place at the 2015 Ithaca College Business Plan Competition.