We are now producing both a 2-row pilsner malt and a 2-row pale malt. Higher-kilned and other specialty malts are in the pipeline. Our own brewery is still a little ways off from being operational, but we're getting closer every day! Contact us for a current lab analysis of in-stock malts!




Founded by three Ithaca College grads, our core team now exists of two of our founders in sales and production roles and two advisory members. Founders Zane and Max (pictured left) were both raised in Columbia County, and immediately envisioned it as the home for Subversive when the business concept was initially formed. Zane homebrewed his way through college, and the team decided to enter the Ithaca College Business Plan Competition in April 2015. While the Subversive boys took the win, it soon became apparent that a continuing effort to deepen our knowledge around all areas of our business would be crucial to longterm success. We have thus dedicated the last three years to defining our roles in the business, absorbing as much knowledge about the industry as possible through industry events and educational seminars, and sharpening our collective vision for what we want Subversive to be. We are extremely proud to now be producing high-quality malts that we can stand behind!