Malting is the 10,000 year-old process of converting grain into a form suitable for brewing or distilling. For hundreds of years it was an artisanal process usually performed at the brewery where the malt would be used, but in the United States, Prohibition caused local maltsters to shut their doors. Now, we're part of the growing movement to bring this process back to the East Coast and finally make craft beer truly local. As just the second combination malthouse/brewery in New York State, we strive to constantly innovate while always drawing inspiration from (and paying homage to) the New York greats that have come before us.

We were licensed by New York State as a malthouse at the end of September, and are in the process of putting the final pieces of equipment in place to actually start malting. We anticipate having a 2-row base pale malt for sale sometime in December. Reach out if you'd like to be one of our first customers!