The Finest Hudson Valley Malts

Here at Subversive, we're committed to keeping your beverage choices as rebellious as possible. We're bringing some of the first handcrafted malts to the Hudson Valley since pre-Prohibition times––and supporting our local farmers in the process. 

We are dedicated to the principles of sustainably, and helping to grow a strong local economy. We bring our passion for innovative malt styles to our brewing, with quality and innovation at the forefront of our business model. We currently are developing several types of malt, with our Subversive Pale Malt to be the first bulk grain available in 50 lb sacks. Once our facility is up and running with all of the necessary licensing complete (currently on schedule for spring 2016) we will begin production of our signature brews that are currently in development. These include: IPAnarchy, Seditious Saison, Tripel Threat Abbey Ale, Provocative Pale Ale, our Rabble-Rousing Red Rye Ale and Bolshevik Brown Ale. 


News So Far...

Ithaca College hosted the 2nd annual Business Plan Competition in April of this year, and we are proud to announce that the Subversive Boys took home the grand prize for SUBVERSIVE Malting and Brewing! The prize was $20,000, a wonderful start to our company and has given us many connections through which to launch this business. This will allow us to open our doors, and get our beer in your hands even sooner! To read more about the competition, click on the links below:


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