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Malt has often been called the soul of beer. It is the source of fermentable sugars in all forms of grain-based alcoholic beverages, and has been made in various ways around the world for thousands of years.

While historically the malting process was often done by brewers or distillers in-house, 20th Century industrialization led to a massive consolidation of the malting industry. Until just over a decade ago, there were only a handful of malthouses in North America—all of them large industrial behemoths promoting a centralized grain economy.

We deeply believe that a true regional grain economy is not just possible, but vitally necessary in the 21st Century.

We malt 100% of our own grain using a single-vessel pneumatic nano-malthouse (We know that’s a lot of words, just ask us what it means!) that we built out of an old soda-syrup tank. By keeping all our malt production in-house, we’re able to focus on our raw material selection from top to bottom, and we’re able to tweak recipes by tweaking our malts! We brew beers around the malts we have available and we make malts for the beers we want to brew.




Most ‘local’ beer still relies heavily on a global or national supply chain. Just five years ago, our business model would’ve been impossible

The beers that we choose to brew are inherently driven by the malts we are able to produce ourselves, and the grains, hops, and other raw agricultural inputs we are able to source from our neighbors.

We draw inspiration from a variety of breweries and styes from around the world, but seek to create beers that exist outside of traditional style guidelines, and are instead driven by our ingredients, and the refinement of technique in our malting and brewing processes over time.